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Go to 3D Model Viewer

3D Model Viewer

Using C++, SDL and OpenGL I have created a 3D Object Loader that allows you to import, rotate and texture a model. For this to work your model needs to be triangulated.

Go to C# Sidescrolling space game

C# Sidescrolling space game

Using the Unity Engine, I created a 2D Side Scrolling space game that allows you to go against 3 different AI enemies with different spawn rates and shooting speeds. I am still working on this game and there are a few bugs.

Go to Pigeon Shooter Target Practice

Pigeon Shooter Target Practice

Using C++ and the graphic library Allegro, I made a game where you would need to shoot off pigeons who kept coming onto your farm and eating all of your crops.

Go to 4×4 Matrix Demo/Calculator

4×4 Matrix Demo/Calculator

Using C++ and a self made maths library, I was able to create an interactive program that allows you to input matrices into a calculator and it would give you options to either using arithmetic maths on Matrix-Matrix, Matrix-Vector and Matrix-Scalar calculations.

Go toHangman


Using C++ only, I was able to recreate the console version of Hangman which allows you to play agaisnt the AI until you guess the correct (Games Industry) word.

Team Fortress 2 Servers (No Download)

I host 3 dedicated Team Fortress 2 servers including Melee, x10 and Randomiser with an active community of 3000 players.

About me

What I can do to help your team achieve more
Motivated, creative, full of fun.

Hey, my name is Steve and I’m currently in my final year at Bournemouth University studying Games Programming (BSc). I’m constantly developing my programming skills either through university assignments or my own personal projects & and I have a keen interest in AI / Gameplay programming. While being at Bournemouth University I have managed to achieve an average of 2:1-2:2 throughout the two years and I have also assisted in running Game Jams and participated in the Students’ Union for two years as a halls officer.

  • Competent in C# & C++ as these are my primary languages. Good familiarity with Object Orientated Programming and features.

  • Asset Creation, Object Pools and Optimisation to keep FPS high while having a lot of objects on screen

  • Firm understanding of the Graphics pipeline and using OpenGL, Allegro and SDL within games.

  • Very good personal communication skills useful for working in teams. Willingness to learn new technologies and very high attention to detail in regards to debugging.

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