December 3, 2016



During the early summer of 2015, I managed get a 6 week paid internship in Bouremouth’s award winning Game Design studio: Amuzo.

While I was there,  I was working closely with the Producer I was working on multiple projects at one time and my duties included;
● Creating test plans for different projects and devices.
● Testing the latest game builds for major and minor bugs and glitches
● Organise game localisation for over 10 languages.
●Documenting bug reports to various departments and viewing Game Design Documents through Jira and Confluence.
● Locating and fixing Technical and Translation text in over 10 languages.
● Communicating ideas to the game developers about new features or solutions to bugs.

While working at Amuzo, I was able to work on a brand new IP that Amuzo were developing and the following projects;

LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Rebel
LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Team Up
LEGO® Speed Champions
Cato and Macro

You can visit Amuzo’s website at: